All day I have had a prolonged allergic reaction like I do when I get near a cat, only I’ve not been near a cat (still furious with cats as a category, though). My eyes and nose have been running freely, and after blowing my nose every five minutes all day I look like I’m auditioning for the off-broadway production, Rudolf Becomes an Incredibly Whiny Man.

I got my work done, though it took me longer because I was missing little things left and right and having to do things over and over. My new boss was super patient and sympathetic. She even went out to get me coffee and ultimately sent me home early, but we had deadlines we couldn’t miss, so it had to be done. She told me to work from home the next two days to get extra rest, which was cool.

We’ve been working on a ground-up redesign of our product and are finally beginning work for the first client to use the new version. I hope to be able to show it when it goes live. Part of our team was onsite with the clint presenting the designs today. As I sent my last email of the day, at the peak of my misery, she came out of her office with word that the client loved them and said they were exactly what they were looking for. Not a bad way to end the day.

Now I’m home and effectively a fourth weepy child for my wife to manage.